Blue Blue Japan SS2017

The Blue Blue Japan SS2017 lookbook has just been released, and we’re pleased to share it with you. For the spring season, Okura’s house brand has gone slightly punk, with Western-style patchwork jeans, souvenir jackets, Doc Marten-style 10-hole boots, and even braces – all dyed indigo, of course.  Even the boots, which look aIn addition, they’ve showcased some beautiful gradient dye-work, which is really a house specialty. While you can still expect to find all your favorite Blue Blue Japan standbys – such as beautiful patchwork garments and hefty sashiko – it’s nice to see the brand take a more directional approach for their seasonal lookbook. As usual, there are some stellar women’s garments, and the full breadth of Blue Blue Japan’s offering really deserves a look, if only for the sheer intensity of their dye work. A slideshow selection is below, but you can see the full catalog, and even order directly via email, here.

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All photos courtesy Blue Blue Japan/ Seilin & Co.

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