The Styleforum First Cut—May 8

Styleforum hosted a little party over the weekend. I’m still hungover, and I wasn’t even there. Photos and summaries in the forum thread and on various tumblrs, like a bit of color or edwinzee.

The Wall Street Journal goes in on the watering down of the term “bespoke.” “Made to measure” crackers just doesn’t have the same ring though.

The Met Gala was last night (that’s right, the Met, you get second billing here). There’s some pictures of guys in tuxedos in here somewhere, but you can be forgiven for ignoring them in favor of Anja Rubik.

Permanent Style gets into summer shirting with chambray. Turns out it’s not just for workwear.

Kanye hates #menswear. #menswear sulks.

Tmag blog reviews the new Kitsune store. They bury the lede that Kitsune sells oxford shirts for $349.

Yoox code alert:  HEADSTART@YOOX for 10% off through May 10 (may be exclusions).

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