Alternative Outfit Inspiration from Pitti Uomo

Alternative Outfit Inspiration from Pitti Uomo st

Do you know how difficult it is to find a purple blazer that doesn’t come with a picture of Prince on its accompanying costume box? It’s certainly not easy, and that’s one of the reasons I really love this photo for a bit of alternative summer inspiration. Combined with the grey band-collar popover, it’s a really nice, washed-out color combination that’s eye-catching in a good way – and a far cry from the garish neon colors that are no doubt on display on the wall just out of sight. It’s interesting – to me – how much of Pitti has inflitrated Styleforum and is now seen as normal, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In the USA, men’s tailoring gets more relaxed every year, and it’s nice to see an outfit that makes you excited about tailored wear, rather than bored. This is relaxed, it’s worn well, and even the lilac straw hat doesn’t look out of place – because come on, it’s Pitti.

I’ve said it before a million times, but there are countless well-dressed men at Pitti, and that includes those who dress well outside the confines of the very real Styleforum Groupthink. It’s a pity that the only ones who get the press continue to be the peacocks, especially as the shift in the last few seasons has been towards streetwear peacocks – a different subspecies, I suppose, but an equally boring one.

Perhaps what I like best about the photo, though, is that it shows one of style’s real truths: it’s more about how you wear the clothes than what you’re wearing, and less about centimeter-perfect fit from top to bottom. When you meet stylish people at Pitti, they come across as stylish not across the main plaza of the Fortezza, but in conversation. This man’s at home in his clothing, and you should be too.

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Jasper Lipton

EIC at Styleforum
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3 thoughts on “Alternative Outfit Inspiration from Pitti Uomo

  1. another place to find plain purple blazer is Paul Stuart, though they typically carry that color for winter instead

  2. great styling and article Jasper.

    It’s funny because i’ve been trying to branch out from my usual colors and have ended up buying a polyester/rayon brown + purple printed coach jacket, some weird purple trousers and a mustard and green colored cardigan… i know it all sounds really bad…

    In my mind the colors i’m gonna try them out with are just like in your article.. purples with browns and greens.. grey/charcoal and maybe some sort of yellow (the shades in your pic)

    hope i don’t end up a train wreck!

    • Thanks, penance. That sounds pretty rad, so I hope you share in WAYWT. I think that chalky purple/brown combination is really, really good, so I wish you luck.

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