Fit Feedback, Alteration Suggestions, And Construction Demonstration

Fit is one of the most important yet overlooked elements of style. A garment can be made of an elegant fabric and constructed with fancy details. But if it doesn’t fit, it won’t look good or feel good.

While standards of fit are influenced by personal taste and fashion, they are largely based on the way our bodies are made and move. (For example: Wide lapels may come and go, but high arm holes are timeless.) Identifying a properly-fitted garment takes a lot of knowledge. And much more is required to construct such a garment. In this thread, all are welcome, from those purchasing a first suit, to those seeking more advanced refinement.

What makes this thread special is that it will be curated by three of America’s finest tailors, representing three generations of the craft: a tailor, Despos, and jefferyd. They will teach us not simply what is wrong with a garment, but why it is wrong, and how it can be fixed, if it can be fixed. The thread will contain articles on common problems and their solutions, as well as Q&A. In exchange for such generous service, our tailors, ask only one thing–good pictures, so defined:

Please wear dress shoes and a dress shirt with the cuffs and collar buttoned. Belt/suspenders required if pants are loose. Tie optional. Feet should be even, no more than hip distance apart, with weight equally distributed on both. Arms should hang comfortably to the sides (no flapping wings). And subjects should stand naturally–avoid puffing their chest or snapping to attention for the camera. Full front, side and back shots are ideal. They should be well-lit, with the camera held straight, 10-12 feet away, about chest/ribcage high. Other positions or angles will cause distortion, as will wide-angle lenses.

Here are some examples:



We thank you in advance, a tailor, Despos, and jefferyd. And if you three want to tear apart the fit above pls. do!

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