Pitti Uomo 96 Day 2 – Streetstyle

The days and nights are flying by. Plaza Uomo held an event at the Palazzo Budini Gattai, a 16th century that was built and is still owned by the eponymous family. The next day a few of us got a chance to sneak away from the madness. Andreas Klow (@flannelsandtweed) and Aleks Jovanovich (@aleksjj) and I rented scooters for a jaunt in the Tuscan countryside, and later that evening enjoyed good company with Matt Hranek from W.M. Brown Project and Douglas Cordeaux from Fox Brothers hosted a party where everyone ended up parting ways with a smile on their face.

Check out the StyleForum Instagram feed for stories. These photos are from the evening of day one to the evening of day two. Thanks to Andreas and Aleks for sharing their pics when this third-rate pretend-photographer was slacking off.

Check out: Pitti Uomo 96 Streetstyle Day 1

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6 thoughts on “Pitti Uomo 96 Day 2 – Streetstyle

  1. This year’s coverage has been my favorite. I got a real feel for being there and actually hearing people I’ve only seen on the net so far.

    Well done, Peter. You are killing it over there and I hope this won’t be the only time you get to do this.

  2. the Instagram stories have been incredible! As Gerry said, really made me feel I was there (or rather, jealous I was *not* there!).

    Next year take me! haha


  3. The instagram coverage with all the stories has been just great, as has the photos here. Well done, Peter!

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